East and Southeast Asian Resources

On this page you will find some educational links to furthering your knowledge on East and Southeast Asian individuals. If there are more articles that would be useful to others, please email us.


Ethnic Disparities and Inequality in the UK among ESEA Communities

A joint response from academics, politicians, professional and organisations who represent East and Southeast Asian communities

Link to report: https://www.besean.co.uk/resources-posts/inequalities-report


Anti-East Asian racism rose under COVID - but it has a long, grim history

An article delving into the increase of Anti-East and Southeast Asian attacks due to COVID, highlighting that this racism has always been there

Link to article: https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/opendemocracyuk/anti-east-asian-racism-rose-under-covid-but-it-has-a-long-grim-history/?source=in-article-related-story 


Data on hate crimes against East and Southeast Asian people in the UK

End violence and racism against East and Southeast Asian communities collected data from 65% of police forces in UK to show stats they hold about hate crimes 

Link to article: https://evresea.com/data


Why the UK needs its own racial discourse on East and Southeast Asians

An article exploring the downplaying of East and Southeast Asian related hate crimes and discrimination and that this discrimination has been present even before the pandemic

Link to article: https://shado-mag.com/all/why-the-uk-needs-its-own-racial-discourse-on-east-and-south-east-asians/