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List of Nominees : 

Demonstrate how individual made you and others feel comfortable/welcome

Zac Felbabel

Vice President and second team manager. Welcomed freshers to his team and the freshers to the club. Spent time on the stall at Freshers' Fair to talk about the club. Helped set up and run trials for freshers to participate in.

Anna Fogel

Within women’s rugby Anna is very well respected and shows great leadership as both president and social secretary. Anna has also made an active effort to engage with members of women’s football via joint social events which has enabled the freshers within women’s football to form friendships outside of the one club. As a result the freshers involved in our club have settled in a lot better and are a lot more comfortable knowing both peers in women’s football and rugby. Anna has also helped me as president of women’s football ensure I am aware of all the important events and dates coming up. Hence, I am very grateful to have had her support.

Lucy Mace

Consistently brings everyone into conversation!

Jay Manley

Jay is the President of the rugby club and he is one of the people you can feel comfortable talking to. Within WSIHE he is a main figure that many people know and get on with, he organises activities with other clubs to get them involved and includes everyone.

Lillie Mildenhall

Lillie has worked tirelessly behind the scenes but has also worked at the forefront in making sure all freshers feel comfortable and know exactly what they are doing at all times. She always asks if everyone is ok to get home and is constantly checking up on everyone.

As Lillie is our COVID officer, she speaks to all club members at the start of each session to initially get their student numbers, but also checks in and makes everyone feel at ease.

Cam Russell

Cam has shown throughout this difficult many characteristics that I believe make him a great candidate for this award. He is current President of Football and he has made all members feel welcome and comfortable especially during such a strange year. He has come up with multiple ways for the club to provide opportunities for everyone involved to play football. Ensured, the club ran fundraisers and charity events throughout the year.

Primrose Willis

Prim has shown commitment and organisation in running the women's football club, ensuring they had new sponsors for kit, fundraising events and successfully running a club. She has consistently shown that she can run a whole club with a team consisting of two teams and a development squad, ensuring they are training consistently too a high level. Within her time at university she has also been a vital part to the futsal team who play to a high level. Finally in her last match she was able to score three goals allowing the win for the third year leavers teams.

Thomas Wilson

Tom has taken on multiple roles in the committee of the American Football club this year taking on not just the presidency’s role but the social secretary role spreading himself over the club to ensure the club ran smoothly with this year being so uncertain. He grew connections with other clubs and took on the responsibility of making sure the club was having a great time before his own needs. He has definitely has left a legacy in the American Football club as one to remember.