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Societies Honour roll

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2019 SU Awards: 


Union Awards Bronze Category
Paige Agutter, Katie Allan, Hazel Ashment, Alistair Baker-Bates, Sophie Castle, Jojo Dickinson, Ben Douglas, Bryony Dunk, Rebecca Earl, Georgina Ferguson-Glover, Aaron Gilbert, Charlotte Goodship, Rachel Harland, Amber Kelly, Jamel McFarlane, Emma Parry-Pearce, Jack Spencer-Jones, Peter Stiffell, Jade Sullivan, Caleb Teale, Bethan Woolmer


Union Awards Silver Category
Paige Agutter, Katie Allan, Alistair Baker-Bates, Jojo Dickinson, Ben Douglas, Georgina Ferguson-Glover, Rachel Harland, Amber Kelly, Emma Parry-Pearce, Jack Spencer-Jones, Peter Stiffell, Caleb Teale     


Union Awards Gold Category
Paige Agutter, Katie Allan, Alistair Baker-Bates, Ben Douglas  


Volunteering Newcomer
Emma Southworth 

Volunteering Unsung Hero
Paige Agutter
Honourable mentions
Charlotte Morris

RAG/Volunteering Graduating Student
Katie Allan
Honourable mentions
Peter Stiffell

Society Unsung hero 
Jacob Woods
Honourable mentions
Hannah Jarvis, Hannah Richards


Graduating Society Member 
Kay Eldridge
Honourable mentions
Ben Douglas, Hannah Jarvis, Jojo Dickinson


Outstanding Contribution to Societies 
Acapella - Harry Heaven
Honourable mentions
Musical Theatre - Ben Douglas
Christian Union - Sarah Price


RAG/Volunteering Event of the Year
Women's Rugby - Stonepillow Sleep Out
Honourable mentions 
Steven Hurst - London Marathon
Men's Rugby - Poppy Appeal


Volunteer of the Year
Alistair Baker-Bates
Honourable mentions 
Paige Agutter, Katie Allan


Student Rep Of The Year
CDT - Georgia Butterworth
Honourable mentions
Education - Hannah Bird


Buddy Volunteer of the Year
Peter Stiffell
Honourable mentions
Charlotte Morris, Lucas McGowan


Most Improved Society
Chichester, History And Outings Society
Honourable mentions
Musical Theatre
Aerial Circus


Best New Society 
Honourable mentions 
Society of Alternative Socials


Society Event of the Year
Christian Union - Missions Week
Honourable mentions
Musical Theatre - MT Awards
Aerial Circus - Air Arena Sober Social


Society of the Year
Musical Theatre
Honourable mentions
Aerial Circus
Christian Union