Information about UCSU COVID-19 Guidance with measures to ensure a COVID-19 Safe activity

COVID-19 Guidance




From the 12th April 2021 we are able to resume organised OUTDOOR activities. Please see the latest statement regarding SU Activities.


As a Students’ Union we understand the importance of student led activities to enhance the student experience and as a positive tool in improving mental health. Our main priority is the health and safety of our students which has led to the development of our SU Activities Guidance designed to help you run your activities in a safe manner.



The document has been written in adherence with government guidelines and will be updated when changes are announced.  Please note that the guidance covered in Guidance Document is not exhaustive and does not stand on its own nor is intended to be solely relied upon. We recommend all SU Club COVID-19 Officers stay updated with government guidance as this will supersede all advice given by the UCSU.


If someone has displayed symptoms, but not been tested, they are able to get a test through the government website or if the online service does not work, contact NHS 119 (7am to 11pm) to arrange for a test.


SU Activities Statements

Below is a list of previous statements from the SU Activities Team. Please ensure you follow the latest guidance.

2021-04-09 Return to Outdoor Activities

2020-10-07 Update on Competitive Sport

2020-09-23 Implementation of the Rule of Six

2020-09-18 Training Time Updates



If your club receives a report of a positive COVID-19 case, a committee member or COVID-19 officer must report it to and and provide the following details:

  • A register of attendees  
  • Time of the activity 
  • Where the activity took place 
  • Number students who attended (if the session was ran with distinct groups of 6 that did not mix, this would be 6) 
  • The nature of the activity (i.e drills, match play, or social activity) 
  • Further Information on the level of close contact they would have had with any other individual  

If you are in contact with the student, please encourage them to inform the University by emailing or filling out the following report form. Further visit the Universities website for further details on COVID-19 Report and Support. Finallly, ensure that any used equipment used in the session is thoroughly cleaned and isolated for 72 hours.



All track and tract documentation will now be submitted through the website. Before you are able to re-commence your outdoor activities, you must submit the club members who will be overseeing the registration of your members. Once the information is submitted  (name, student number, student email) to, they will be registered as a club admin. 


Club admins will receive login details via an email - they must not share these details and they cannot be changed. When the club admins have received the email follow this link which can be accessed on their mobile.


Once logged in select your 'location' - if your location is not there, please select other. From here, you will need to select 'entry point' - you will need to select the relevant club. Leave mode as 'attended' and Record as 'Entries'. Then hit 'OK'. 


Add the student number of all attendees (this will need to be keyed in). If they do not know their student number or it is not recognised follow the on-screen instruction. Once everyone has been entered, please log out in the top right-hand corner.


Failure to complete the Track and Trace register for all you sessions will lead to immediate suspension of your sessions.



Below is a list for FAQs, however if you have any queries please contact the SU Activities Team.



Unfortunately all face to face indoor activities (including indoor sports) are currently suspended. Only approved outdoor activities are allowed to take place.


How can i run an activity?

All activities outside of your general club activities must be registered and approved by the SU Activities team using an Activity Proposal form. The form must include details of the measures your group will take to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. See our SU Activities and Government guidance for more information.


Can i run an activity for more than 6 students?

If you plan to run an activity for more than 6 students, you will have to demonstrate how the individual sub-groups of 6 will be kept separate and must not mingle or mix at any point during the activity. This must be managed / enforced by the event organiser to ensure the activity is run safely.


What transport can we use for an activity?

Car pooling is not permitted unless you are from the same household. If you use public transport, you must wear a mask (unless exempt), maintain social distancing where possible and minimise contact as much as possible.


Can we share equipment in a activity?

We strongly discourage sharing of equipment in any activity. A cleaning break should be implemented every 15 minutes throughout the session where all equipment will be cleaned. As per NGB guidance, bibs must not be used during training sessions and water bottles should be clearly named to ensure they do not get mixed up.


Do I need to wear a mask? 

As per Goverment guidance, masks must be warn in all indoor spaces at all times. Masks may be taken of during any sporting activity (including indoors) as this is supported by National Governing Body guidance. 

If you prefer to keep the mask on, then this is up to you.


Should I go to an activity if I am experiencing symptoms?

NO! Please self-isolate until you have received a negative COVID-19 test or isolated for 14 days. It is important you also contact the Universities COVID-19 Support team so they are aware and can support you. Please also follow NHS Guidance and get a COVID-19 test through NHS online.


I am experiencing symptoms following an activity, what do I do?

If you are experiencing symtoms please also contact the Universities COVID-19 Support team so they are aware and can support you. Please also follow NHS Guidance and get a COVID-19 test through NHS online.