Students’ come to University to get a degree and, though we hope you have some of the best times of your life on the way, your education is the Union’s top priority. University Education should be a partnership between students and lecturers and the Union helps facilitate this relationship.
The Academic side of our work is led by the President and ably assisted by the two elected Academic Representatives: They work in partnership with the University at a senior level on all academic related committees up to and including Academic Board. 
These three elected students are responsible for undertaking and reviewing research into the quality of education at the University of Chichester and to make recommendations and lobby the University for change and improvement. They are also required to develop and propose policy to the Student Senate relating to educational issues of concern to students; this may be specific to Chichester such as feedback, or national issues such as the new tuition fees system.

However most students interact with the Academic side of the SU through the Student Voice Programme which allows students to have a say in how their course is run. Some students also come to the Students’ Union seeking individual representation to support them in things like Academic Appeals or provide advice on the University’s Academic Regulations. 

4 Senior Student Voices have been elected to sit on the Academic Committee and the Teaching and Learning Committee of the University. 


Academic Committee Members

Sophie Blanks, Vice-President (Education) - Chair                                  
Position vacant, Academic Rep (BOC)                                     
Position vacant, Academic Rep (BRC)                     
Jack Spencer-Jones, First Year Students’ Officer               
Agnes Saaren, International Students’ Officer            
Bob Davis, Part-time and Mature Students’ Officer                
Helen Turley, Postgraduate Students’ Officer          
Invited member:
Student Trustee  
Non-voting Members
Mike Riley, Head of Student Engagement                


To Contact the Academic Committee please email: