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Bus Services

Following the joint University and Students’ Union review of bus services earlier in the year, there have been a few changes and refinements to the bus services and timetable ready for the start of the academic year. All services run to an enhanced timetable during semester time (including reading weeks); out of semester time not all services run, and those that do, operate a reduced timetable.

The information below is a summary of the services now in operation and the applicable charges.


UniFlyer Service (Run by the University and the Students’ Union); offers direct inter campus travel. This service uses the 15 seater minibus and runs from outside SIZ at BRC or from the main bus stop at BOC, leaving each campus 5 times per day. Payment is by a pre-paid blue bus ticket (available from SIZ for 60 pence per journey); cash is not accepted on board.


U7 (run by Stagecoach); is the regular daytime service connecting Bognor Regis and Chichester campuses (with a number of stops in-between) from early in the morning until early evening. The service runs from the main bus stop on Chichester Campus, and the bus stops outside Bognor Regis Campus (opposite Butlins).


U7n (run by Stagecoach); new for 2017/18 - this service replaces the U7 in the evening and is now the regular evening service connecting Bognor Regis and Chichester campuses; this service operates with a number of stops, including Stockbridge Halls and many other popular student residential areas. The service runs from the main bus stop on Chichester Campus, and the bus stops outside Bognor Regis Campus (opposite Butlins).


U8 (run by Stagecoach); – new for 2017/18 – this additional service which offers direct inter campus travel runs once in the morning and twice in the evening at peak times, to supplement the direct service offered by the UniFlyer. The service runs from the main bus stop on Chichester Campus, and the bus stops outside Bognor Regis Campus (opposite Butlins).


No 50 (run by Stagecoach); a local service within Chichester that stops on Chichester campus and runs to the bus station (opposite the train station, handy for those living in Stockbridge Halls or commuting by train/bus).


All Stagecoach services (U7,U7n, U8 and No 50) are subsidised at 60p per journey (when travelling with a pre-bought ticket and on production of a student/staff card if requested). Tickets are available from the SIZ on each campus and The Shop on Chichester campus. Travelling without a pre-paid ticket costs more and is to be discouraged where possible; however, if this is necessary, on the U7, U7n and U8 a fixed rate fare of £1 will be charged providing a valid student card is presented. On the no 50, the standard full rate fare will be payable.


No 700 (run by Stagecoach); the local ‘Coastliner’ service which connects Chichester Bus Station and Bognor Regis campus.  Students living at Stockbridge Halls studying on a split campus or Bognor based course may access this service at a subsidised rate during the week using pre-bought tickets from Stockbridge reception.


To supplement the U7n which operates in the evenings, the SU runs a Night Time Safety Bus during semester time. This is a late evening/night time service running predominantly from Chichester to ensure students can travel home from campus safely, whether this is after study, participating in events or socialising in the SU. The safety bus costs just £1 per journey which is payable in cash and priority will be given to passengers whose route is not serviced by the U7n.

On Monday 18th, 19th & 20th September 2017, travel on the U7, U8 and Uniflyer will be free.

If you have any feedback on the bus services, please forward this to


Click here to view the latset intercampus timetable

If you wish to look at the more detailed U7 timetable and stops, details can be found at:




There are many cycle routes around Bognor Regis and Chichester that will help you get around. One way to find out where's best to go and the routes available can be found at the West Sussex, Cycle Journey Planner (click for the planner)


Car share details and information around Parking Permits, available here


Many students do and our campuses are both quite easily accessible from the main towns. When walking in the darker evenings/late at night, common sense applies and we would encourage you to walk with a friend, and stay n well lit routes wherever possible. The SU is happy to provide attack alarms free of charge to anyone that wishes to carry one. Remember that as an alternative there are a number of bus service options including the safety bus.

When walking to or from campus during the evening, please respect your neighbours and try and keep the noise down - avoid walking in really large groups.

Chichester students using the hospital as a cut through please be aware that hospital gate is closed from 10pm - Do NOT attempt to climb the gate when it is closed.

Taxi Services

Sometimes students want to travel by taxi – recommended taxi companies in the area are:

Chichester – Starline (0500 771077)

Bognor - Yellow Star (01243 828282)

We hope it never happens but if as a UoC student you are stranded in the local area without cash, special arrangements exist with these taxi companies to get you home – you will have to pay later (Ts&Cs apply).

Train Services

The trains into Chichester and Bognor stations are mainly run by Southern Railways, for details click here

Staying safe when Traveling 

Walking - whilst Chichester and Bognor Regis are nice areas, we would always recommend you walk in pairs in darker evenings and stick to well lit routes wherever possible (for example we would suggest you avoid walking through parks etc) - or use the safety bus service. The SU is happy to provide attack alarms free of charge for anyone that wishes to carry one. When leaving campus at night please use official routes and respect your community by keeping noise down. Also, for students on Chichester campus please note that the hospital gate is locked at 10pm - DO NOT attempt to climb the gate.

Safety Bus Service – run by the SU every night during term time, predominantly in Chichester but also in Bognor during major events. For £1 per person per journey the buses will drop you home from Campus (with a reasonable distance from campus) – fares to be paid in cash.

The Safety Bus Service Bus departs from outside the LRC/SIZ. The bus runs until all students waiting for the service have been cleared from campus; the service starts at 8pm and there is no set finish time. 


*It is NOT possible to purchase one way tickets, either 10 journey or return tickets must be purchased.