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Welcome to women's football where we currently have 3 competitive squads (1st team, 2nd team and a futsal team), one of which holds the status of the highest competing team at the university!! We also have a continualy growing devlopment side with opportunities to adance into one of our competitive teams!

Women’s football remains one of the most established clubs at the University, based on our previous achievements and continual development. As a club, our ethos is to cary on growing by welcoming new WSIHE Rangers into our crazy family! We currently has 3 competitive squads, a 1st team, 2nd team and Futsal team, who train and compete weekly in the higher end of the BUCS South League’s. In addition to this, we have a coninually growing Development side where all abilities are welcomed to join, from which you are instantly gaurenteed a place into the team! The girls also train weekly and play occasional friendlies/ tournaments with hope of entering a BUCS league in the near future. Upon joining our club, you will instantly relate to the importance, enjoyment and sense of pride achieved from representing our WSIHE family (especially if you are celebrating a win on a Wednesday night!). 

Being apart of our vastly growing club could truly make your time at Chichester special. The life long friendships you will make in your teamamtes as you begin to trust and push each other through the highs and the lows on and off the pitch, is just a small aspect. We are a very passionate group of girls who all dedicate time and effort to our sport, surounded by a fantastic support network who continue to facilitate our growth. We also work closley with clubs such as Chichester City Women and Chichester and Selsey Ladies, who equally support our development. Additionally the club has links with other elite womens football programmes within the county from which you could have the opportunity to benefit from yourself!

With our 1st team unfortunatly missing out on promotion back to the BUCS Premier South last season by only 1 point, the girls are ready to give their all to earn their rightful place back in the Prem this year. Our Women’s 2nd Team hope to achieve one of their best seasons yet, whilst our Futsal team continue to compete at the highest level and obtain the status of the highest competing team at the University. Our Development side equally are aiming for another successful year with the aim of more friendlies and opportunities of current players to advance into the 2nd and 1st team. 

We really cannot wait to meet you and welcome you into our loving and silly WSIHE family!


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1st team - BUCS South Eastern 1A (one league away from the Prem) 

2nd team - BUCS South Eastern 2A 

Futsal Team - BUCS Premier South

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