What to bring to University…

Here are a few things you might have forgotten - you don't need to bring the kitchen sink! 


You might not need to bring all of these items, have a think, if you think yes - bring it (you can always take it home), if you think no - there is now space for another pair of shoes! Worse case you can always pick something up in town - Your NUS Extra Card will get you great discounts. 


Personal Items | Documents | Bedroom | Wardrobe | Bathroom

Stationary Items | Electrical Items | Basic Ingredients | Kitchen


Personal Items

·       Purse/wallet

·       Mobile Phone

·       Glasses/Contact lenses plus cleaning fluid etc



·       Passport photos

·       Passport

·       Driving licence

·       National Insurance number

·       NUS extra card (can be bought during Freshers Week or online)

·       NHS medical card

·       Details of your vaccination history

·       Any information about your Student Finance

·       Your confirmed offer from the university

·       Any documents regarding your accommodation

·       Cheque book

·       Bank debit card

·       16-25 rail card

·       Paying-in book

·       Bank or building society details

·       DBS check (if required by your course)

·       Relevant exam certificates or results slips



·       Duvet and Pillows

·       Bed sheets, covers and pillow cases

·       Mattress protector

·       Towels

·       Laundry hamper

·       Door wedge (if you keep your bedroom door open you'll make friends with your new housemates much more quickly!)

·       Photos (make your room more homely)

·       Alarm Clock

·       Washing powder/Fabric softener (you can buy when you get here)

·       Small drying rack (tumble dryers are available)

·       Desk lamp (often provided in halls)

·       Small bin (often provided in halls)

·       Books/novels (fiction/non-fiction)

·       Musical instrument(s)



·       Underwear and socks (plenty of these)

·       Casual clothing (jeans, shorts, t-shirts, blouses/shirts, jumpers/hoodies)

·       'Going Out' clothes for pubs/clubs/parties

·       Gym & sports clothes

·       Fancy dress! (anything random that can be used for fancy dress, you’ll be surprised how much it will come in handy!)

·       Pyjamas (for when the fire alarm goes off at 3am)

·       Trainers (even if you aren't sporty these are useful)

·       Sandals/flip flops

·       Smart shoes/heels

·       Day bag (backpack, messenger bag)

·       ‘Weekend at home’ bag (holdall, small suitcase)

·       Handbag/Clutch



                  Shower gel, shampoo, soap

                  Toothbrush / Toothpaste

                  Hairbrush, comb etc

                  Shaving cream, razors etc

                  Tampons/Sanitary towels

                  Skincare products


                  Make-up and make-up remover

                  Nail Scissors




                  Cold/flu remedy

                  Throat lozenges



Stationary Items

·       Push-pins

·       Notebooks/jotter pads

·       Memory stick

·       Pens, pencils, highlighters

·       Eraser, sharpener

·       Pencil case

·       Pen pot (a coffee mug or cup will do)

·       White/ Blue Tack

·       Scissors, cellotape

·       Hole puncher, stapler/staples

·       Paper clips

·       Post-it Notes or flag markers

·       Lever-arch folders

·       Plastic wallets

         Envelopes/ stamps


         Diary/Calendar/Address book



Electrical Items

ALL electrical items need to be PAT tested by accommodation before you use them in halls! For more info on this contact the Accomodation office.

·       Laptop/laptop charger

·       Laptop case/bag

·       Extension lead

·       Phone Charger

·       USB memory sticks

·       Headphones

·       Digital camera

·       Batteries (rechargeable?)

·       MP3 player/iPod

·       USB lead (charger)

·       Docking station

·       Alarm clock


Basic Ingredients

REMEMBER that there are shops - you don't need to bring all this stuff from home! However, raiding the kitchen cupboards becomes second nature on your trips home during your time at university.

·       Salt / Pepper

·       Herbs and spices

·       Sugar / Sweeteners

·       Ketchup, mayonnaise/ salad cream

·       Hot drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate)

·       Cooking oil/spray

·       Spreads - honey, jam, Marmite, peanut butter

·       Pasta sauce

·       Tins - stock up on soup, tinned fruit/veg, custard, rice pudding, canned meats, beans, peas etc

·       Cereal

·       Fruit squash

·       Packet foods - e.g pasta/curry sauce, noodles, boil-in-the-bag rice, Angel Delight, pasta, jelly, biscuits, crisps, instant mash etc.



Beware: If you are sharing you may end up with many of the same appliances in one house and remember your storage space in any communal kitchen will be very limited.

·       Small frying pan

·       Large saucepan (with lid)

·       Small saucepan (with lid)

·       Flat baking tray (for oven chips!)

·       Tin opener

·       Bottle opener/Corkscrew

·       Vegetable peeler

·       Cheese grater

·       Wooden spoons or spatulas

·       Masher

·       Microwavable bowl

·       Mixing bowl

·       Measuring jug

·       Pizza cutter

·       Sieve (only really necessary if you plan on baking cakes!)

·       Colander

·       Whisk

·       Chopping knives

·       Chopping board

·       Kitchen scissors

·       Tea towels

·       Washing-up liquid

·       Bin bags

·       Recipe book/ instructions from your parents/guardian

·       Tupperware (plastic tubs for storing leftovers.) Write your name on the lids and the tubs to prevent them going missing

·       Sandwich bags/Cling film/Tin foil

·       Cutlery (knives, forks, spoons) Tip - taking just one or two of everything will encourage you to wash them straight away but make sure you have enough to have people over for a takeaway dinner

·       Crockery (plates, bowls, mugs, cups)


We think that is everything . . . if we have missed something we are sorry - don't forget that with an NUS Extra card you get great discounts here, there and everywhere, you might not need to bring everything at once and worse case you can buy it here.


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