No we are not saying the US elections were fixed, we are not saying that the world is square. . . but

Fake News

Here at Chichester we are subject to FAKE NEWS too! 


No we are not saying the US elections were fixed, we are not saying that the world is square. . . but we are saying that there are events across the south coast, products and wristbands on sale that are not associated with the SU or the University of Chichester. Remember Neither the SU nor the University are selling event wristbands for Welcome Week/Freshers Week 2020 – The government have made it quite clear, large club nights are not going to happen (just yet) … therefore please do not waste your money on them! As soon as we can, we will throw open the doors to the SU and put a massive party that many have been waiting for! ?

Our mission is to help all students have the best time they can whilst at the University of Chichester  . . . and we really do mean this.

We want to ensure you, our students, are safe, we want you to experience Chichester, Bognor and the lights of Brighton and Portsmouth (and anywhere else you wish to go) as we know you will not always wish to head to Zee Bar or The Hub . . . BUT . . . we want you to make an informed and educated choice about how you spend your money! 


It is not just Chichester students who are facing this problem - this is a national problem as reported in The Guardian: Freshers' week: don't fall for a dodgy unofficial event


Help us recycle the student pound. 

Unlike our high street competitors, all the money we make through our commercial services including, bars (Zee Bar & The Hub), events and The Shop, is put back into YOUR Students’ Union. We want to make sure that your student experience is as good as it can be, whether that is extra funding for societies, sports teams or better entertainment and events.  

Without YOU the SU would not be able to provide all the exciting activities, events and student representation. You are the most essential ingredient to our success, we recycle your money so that every penny you spend is reinvested in your student experience.