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Here at UCSU we know that right now you have questions and lots of them. To help answer these quickly and to save you listening to hold music we have tried to think of every question under the sun that you may wish to ask. We have grouped the questions to help with the search for answers. If you think we have missed something, or you can't find the answers you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Freshers’ Week Events

Can we bring guests to fresher’s week?

In order to ensure as many students as possible can enjoy Freshers Week, guests are not permitted entry to the Student Union venues during Fresher Week. 


Do you have to pay to get in if you have a freshers wristband?

All news regarding freshers week wristbands. tickets and events will be emailed out soon - all wristbands will go on sale Sept 5th.


When and how do I get my Freshers’ wristband?

All news regarding freshers week wristbands. tickets and events will be emailed out soon - all wristbands will go on sale Sept 5th.


Can we go to fresher’s events on both campuses?

Yes! We encourage you to attend events on both campus’ to make the most of your Freshers’ Week and get to know what’s on offer here at University.


So when & what are the freshers’ week events?

All news regarding freshers week wristbands, tickets and events will be emailed out soon - all wristbands will go on sale Sept 5th.


What should I wear to the Fresher events?

Some events have a dress code including Beach Party and School Disco for example, there will be events at which it will be more appropriate to wear more ‘dressy’ attire such as Evolve Mondays or Crazee on Saturday.


What ID do I need to get into the SU?

Your campus card will be sufficient ID to get in to the Student Union bars, otherwise you can use your driving licence or passport. Don’t forget that your campus card cannot be used as ID at any other bar or venue.


NUS Extra Cards - 'The discount card'

How much is an NUS card and what is it?

NUS cards cost just £12 and give you student discount at a number of stores and shops across the nation, visit to find out more. You will be able to purchase an NUS card from the Students Union and at the Freshers’ Fair.


Is it worth getting an NUS card or can we just use our campus cards? 

Yes! You cannot get student discount using your campus cards however NUS cards get you discounts in many different shops and outlets and only cost £12, they can be purchased online or from your Students Union during Freshers’ Week.


Sports and Societies

What sports clubs and societies are there at the University?

For all the information on our sports teams and societies click here.


When are trials for sports teams?

Trial It! Week is the week beginning 26th September and will give you the opportunity to trial for different sports teams and try out all the recreational sports on offer. Find out more at Freshers’ Fair.


What days do sports teams compete?

Sports Teams normally compete on a Wednesday, although some fixtures are on a weekend.


Can you take part in more than one sport at uni?

Yes! You are more than welcome to join as many sports teams and societies as you wish. Just remember you are here to study so don’t let your extra-curricular activities take priority of your studies.


What are the fees for sports teams and societies?

Membership fees vary between each society and sports team but you can find out more information at the Freshers’ Fair on Wednesday 21st Sept.


When can I sign up to sports & societies?

You can sign up to all sports and societies at the Freshers’ Fairs and join them throughout the year. 


Freshers’ Fair

What is Freshers' Fair?

Freshers’ Fair is where you can find out about everything going on at your Students Union. There are stalls from local and national companies, sports teams and societies and there are plenty of freebies to get your hands on. An opportunity not to be missed! Freshers’ Fair will take place at Zee Bar, Chichester on Wednesday 21st September. There will also be a Sports and Societies Fair on Thursday 22nd Sept. 



Are there buses from Bognor to Chichester and back at night?

Buses run regularly between Bognor and Chichester campuses, the UniFlyer and the U7. Occasionally there will night time bus services running between Bognor and Chichester but this is not a regular provision and often students should make alternative travel arrangements, if you need to book a taxi whilst you are out you can ask a member of bar staff for local taxi numbers.


Where do the University buses go?

Buses run regularly during week days between the Chichester and Bognor campus’, there are also regular buses into both Chichester and Bognor Town centres.


What the prices for the buses?

Bus tickets can be bought from the Support and Information Zone (SIZ) or the SU Shop - Refuel - these pre-paid tickets cost 60p per journey. Other fares are subject to the bus provider.


How long does it take to get between campuses?

It is about a 20 minute bus journey between campus’ on the UniFlyer and 30 minutes on the U7.



Can I move into halls early?

In some cases it will be possible to move into halls early, however, you will need to speak to accommodation and there will be a fee to move in early. Accommodation can be contacted on 01243 812120 or email them at


What needs to be PAT tested in halls, and where do student do it?

Anything electrical needs to be pat tested, this can be done by the accommodation office.


What is the address for university?


Bognor campus

St Michaels

Upper Bognor Road

Bognor Regis

PO21 1HR

Chichester campus

Bishop Otter Campus

College Lane


PO19 6PE



Are student allowed overnight guests? 

Depending on your accommodation, guests are often able to stay for 1 or 2 nights a week, please check with your residential advisors and the accommodation office before you have any guests stay.


Do we need to buy a TV licence?

If you intend on watching live TV then you may need to look into buying a TV licence. For more information check out

Please remember that the law has also changed regarding iPlayer (a TV licence is now required):


Do students get wifi in halls?

This all depends on your halls of residence. There is, however, internet access via a LAN cable in all halls of residence so you are guaranteed internet access.


Are there washing machines in halls and how much do they cost?

There are washing machines and tumble dryers on campus. A wash costs £1.60 and £1 to tumble-dry.


Do student have cooking facilities in halls?

Yes, however, if you are catered your facilities will be more basic than those who are self-catered.


How do you book a moving in time?

You can book a moving in time on the accommodation portal.


How do you pay accommodation?

You pay accommodation through the accommodation portal by setting up a recurring card payment. If you need any help with this please contact accommodation on 01243 812120 or email them at


How can we get help finding accommodation?

The university accommodation team will be happy to help, they can be contacted on 01243 812120 or email them at


Where can I park my car?

During arrivals weekend it will be free to park on campus for students moving in to halls. On all other days it is possible to park on campus providing you have the correct permit. Unless you are commuting in from home we recommend you don’t bring your car to university, Chichester and Bognor are so small you can get everywhere on foot anyway! Please read the parking regulations.


Can you bring a bike to uni & where do you store it?

Yes you can bring your bike to uni, there are bike sheds on campus and at the off campus halls of residence.


Do we need to buy all the books on the reading list?

Often it is not necessary to buy all of the books on the reading list for your course, it is normally possible to borrow the books from the Learning Resource Centre, however, it would be worth getting in contact with your lecturer to find out specific recommendations for your course.


When you do room insurance do you put home address or university address?

To insure you’re university room you need to put your university address, otherwise you’ll end up insuring your home address instead!


When will we receive information through the post from the university?

You will be receiving information from both the University and the Students' Union during August which will have everything you need to know about moving in, Freshers Week, Induction week and all other important information.


Course Information

When do timetables go up?

You will be able to see your timetable once you have registered for your course.


What are student directed weeks, and can students go home?

Student directed weeks (or reading weeks. as they are often known) are opportunities for you to do your own independent study. Sometimes lectures advise you on what to study but often it’s a good chance to start revision before exams. You can spend your reading weeks on campus, at home or stay around at university. You will still have access to Student Support Services and the Learning Resource Centres. It may also provide a good opportunity to arrange tutorials with various lecturers.


What are the dates of reading weeks (aka Student Directed Weeks)?

This will vary depending on your programme of study, check the Wall Planner in your Welcome Pack.


How long does it take for DBS check to be confirmed?

It can take up to 4 weeks so try and get it done as soon as possible.


I am really struggling to understand my timetable, can anyone help me?

Any timetable related issues can be dealt with through SIZ, you can email them at or phone them on 01243 816222.


Do we have to buy our course kit?

No. Not all courses have a compulsory kit, you will find out about what is compulsory during induction week. Some courses provide a base kit which you can top up with items that you will pay for should you wish to. 


When do you get course kit?

During your induction week your lecturers will let you know about course kit and equipment and how you can go about purchasing your kit.



When & how do students have to register?

All students will register on campus from Saturday 17th September, students will need a confirmation letter (UCAS or University of Chichester headed letter), proof of qualifications (eg A-level results sheet) and some form of ID.


What is the programme for halls arrival day?

Everything you need to know about moving in weekend will be sent out to you soon so keep checking your emails and post and we’ll be in touch!


What do we need for moving in weekend?   

In order to register you need proof of qualifications, confirmation letter from UCAS or the university and some form of ID (passport, driving licence etc)


What stuff do we need to bring for halls?

Please refer to the checklist posted on the Freshers' facebook page for a guide to what to bring to University.


Do parents have to stay for the talk on move in day?

Parents don’t have to stay but it is advised.


If you have posted your student card photo and other information will you get it back in the post?

No, student campus cards will be issued during registration and induction weeks.


How do you register for local GP?

There will be the opportunity to register for the local GP on moving in weekend, alternatively you can contact Student Support who will be able to help you out.


I haven’t got my a-level certificates, so what should I bring?

The sheet you received on results day outlining your final grades will suffice until your certificates come through, as soon as they do you will need to present them to academic registry.


How do you get your student e-mail?

Student email addresses will be issued once you have registered, you will learn everything you need to know during your induction week, if you have any problems contact SIZ.


If you are locked out of your email what do you do?

Contact SIZ, you can email them at or phone them on 01243 816222.


What phone networks are good in Chichester and Bognor?

Most phone networks have good service in Sussex, for more information contact your service provider.


Do you have to do your campus card before you come to uni?

It is advised to apply for your campus card before your arrival, if you have any issues please contact SIZ, you can email them at or phone them on 01243 816222.



Do we need to bring student finance letters?

Yes. Bring all communications from Student Finance with you, there always good to have handy and the university will need the letter regarding tuition fees which will need to be handed in during registration.


Is there anyone I can talk to about student finance problems?

You can contact Student Support and talk to the Student Money Advice Service via email 


When do you receive your student loan?

Student loan will enter your bank account on the first day of term for each semester.


What is a bursary and how do you get it?

Bursary is a lump sum of money provided by the University to those from lower income families. You can apply for it through your Student Finance, if you are unsure if you qualify or want more information contact the Student Money Advice Service via email - 


How do I set up a student bank account?

If you already have a bank account take in your confirmation letter from UCAS or from the university and they will be able to convert your account into a student account. Be sure to shop around for the best deals on student accounts, some come with freebies and offer better deals than others.


My student finance does not cover my accommodation, what do I do?

Contact your Students' Union to find out if they can help, they can be contacted on 01243816390 or at


When do you have to pay tuition fees?

Tuition fees are paid directly to the university from Student Finance so you won’t have to worry about that


First Week

Having trouble setting up my sonar account, need help?

If you have any problems with your sonar account contact SIZ, you can email them at or phone them on 01243 816222.


How do you set up your uni email account to your phone?

If you have any problems setting up your email account contact SIZ, you can email them at or phone them on 01243 816222.


I can’t finish my online induction, how can I find support for this?

If you have any problems with your online induction contact SIZ, you can email them at or phone them on 01243 816222.


What if I get lost on campus?

Don’t worry. Everyone on campus is very friendly and someone will be on hand to show you around. If you need help to find a specific place then head over to the Support and Information Zone (SIZ) in the LRCs on both campus’ who will be able to show you the way.


How do I get my Moodle user ID?

This will be issued to you along with your student email once you have registered, all the information you need will be delivered during your induction week.


Do you have to pre-register for uni wifi?

Yes, this can all be done on the accommodation portal if you have any issues contact SIZ, you can email them at or phone them on 01243 816222.


What is SIZ phone number?

You can contact SIZ via email at or phone them on 01243 816222.


Is there a gym on campus?

There is a gym on both campuses. You can find out more information on gym memberships and prices at Freshers' Fair or down at the Tudor Hale Center for Sport 01243 816382.


Are there jobs at the Students' Union?

There are part-time jobs available working in the Students' Union shop and bars keep an eye on the website


Where can I contact the Students' Union?

You can contact the Students Union on 01243 816390 or email them at


What is there to do in Chichester & Bognor outside of the university?

In your Freshers' Handbook there’s a whole section on what to do in Bognor and Chichester on sunny days, rainy days, with your parents or even just a weekend activity. Handbooks will be sent out in the post soon.



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