Whether you are commuting or living in halls this is your chance to meet people living in your area, course mates and for some of you, your new best friend.

Get Social

We understand, with first-hand experience, what it can be like moving to somewhere new, not knowing who you are going to be living and wondering if your daily routine will clash with a flat mate!  

Now is your time to get social, through a platform that is suitable for you and at a speed that suits you.

We try very hard to ensure you get to know everyone before you arrive and where possible make this next big step in your lives as easy as possible, for both yourselves and for those you are leaving at home.

So . . . what to do next? Say hello, introduce yourself and be yourself – you never know, you might be about to say hello to your best friend, your bridesmaids . . . maybe even your husband!

Follow the links below to join halls chats via the Facebook applicants page and keep up to date with whats happening at the SU - start the ball rolling into your future.