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Welcome to The Korean Culture Society (or K.C.S) we want to create an inviting environment for those with a collective interest in Korean Culture, Drama, and Pop. We will particularly focus on Korean history, Hangul, food, K-Dramas and K-Pop (+ choreographies), we hope you join us to celebrate Korean culture. 


Activities we'll be including:


K-Drama Nights

We would like to plan K-Drama nights at least every two weeks, to enjoy and watch our favourite K-Dramas or any new releases together. This will include any Korean films or documentaries we can show and enjoy together. Feel free to bring snacks with you!


K-Pop  and Choreography Nights

We will like to spend some time to share and express our love for Korean Pop culture, including holding K-Pop quizzes and listening to debuts and comebacks of that week or month. Want to share new artists you found? We will be collecting a list of artists any of you want to listen to and introduce them to the society! Be it K-rap, K-R&B or even Trot! Let's discover new artists together!

What are your favourite K-Pop choreographies? If you've ever wanted to learn the moves to some of your favourite K-Pop songs, or show off the steps you already know, this is a night you will want to attend. We'll learn, teach, and show off (for fun) together and enjoy the many dances our favourite groups have given us; We'll show you what we know, you can show us what you know, and perhaps we can all learn something new. 


K-POP and Cultural Events

Currently, due to COVID, we have to be careful about this and plan around the Government's advice.

OfficialKEvents- Kpop & KHipHop Club Nights in London (upcoming: 8th January 2022)

Korean Culture Centre Exhibitions (https://www.kccuk.org.uk/en/whatson/?)

V&A South Kensington Wed-Sun 10.00-17.45 (upcoming: Hallyu! The Korean Wave on 24 September 2022)

YoungBros Kpop Nights (upcoming: n/a)


Korean Barbeque

Korean food is delicious!! And what a better way to enjoy it if not together!!

If you want to try some Korean food, we will be planning outings to Korean restaurants ( Brighton, Portsmouth...) and maybe trying to make our own. If that's something you've always wanted to try, we look forward to enjoying a meal with you all. 


Korean History Events

We love Korean culture and it's important and fascinating to learn about their history. We are hoping to collaborate with the Korean Embassy to go see any Korean Events or Activities happening.


Hangul (Korean Writing and Language)

While we might not know fluent Korean, we would love to learn a bit about the language from the culture we love so much. We would like to plan a few lessons scattered across the year to learn the Korean alphabet as well as some phrases and words. 


Of course, the society is catered to you, so if we don't do something you desperately want to do, let us know! We'll probably want to do the same thing! It’s a place where we can talk, share, and learn new things in a like-minded and enjoyable environment and we encourage anyone and everyone to join!

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