Use it or Lose it

what does this mean for The Hub?


There are two options and your actions will dictate what we do!

  • Keep the bar open (as is) or
  • Keep the venue open as a social space and ONLY open the bar for Student Led events such as the MT Fundraising event.


In simple terms … Currently The HUB does not make enough money to stay open. Since the start of term The HUB has made a loss of around £7000.


The HUB has, for many years, run at a loss however the SU can no longer sustain this financially. To break even The HUB needs to take £50 per hour, currently it is only taking £18.02.  £50 covers the cost of the product, VAT, Cleaning materials/bar supplies etc, Tills, Licensing and Staff costs.


What does this all mean? … You either need to use The Hub and spend money behind the bar OR we will have to close the bar and only open the venue.


If you have questions or would like to share your view - get in touch today: 





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