The Union is accountable to the members of the Students’ Union. Our members are you, the students at the University of Chichester and affiliated colleges.

We are responsible to you (our members) for our actions and all that we do.

We maintain and monitor this accountability through our Governance structure ensuring that there are students on all our key decision making committees.

The All Students' Meeting, Students Council and all the core committees of the SU (the Academic, Activities, Operations and Welfare Committees) are where our students as members can check and challenge all the decisions and actions that we take. 

Come along to the All Students' Meeting to see and discuss the issues and affiliations that we are bringing in order to ensure the best provision for our members and to try to safeguard all students at the University of Chichester.


All Students' Meeting 2016/17

Thursday 18th May, 2017 @ 14:00

Mitre Lecture Theatre, BOC



    1.    Welcome & Apologies

    2.    Previous Students’ Meeting

a.     Approval of minutes

b.     Matters arising

    3.    Reports

a.     Trustees Report

b.     Finance Report

    4.    Appointments 

a.     Appointment of Auditors

    5.    Affiliations

a.     Union affiliations

    i.      The SU proposes to remain affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS)

    ii.      The SU proposes to remain affiliated to the British Universities and Colleges Sports

    6.    Motions

                        a.     Change of Music Policy for SU Venues.

This motion seeks to direct SU venues (Zee Bar and The Hub) to play a greater variety of music with a focus on genres that are popular with current students and those genres as requested by them.

    7. Any Other Business

    8. Date, time and location of Next Meeting


Today's All Student Meeting did not meet quorum, and hereby stands adjourned until the same time and place next week: 

Thursday 25th May, 2017 @ 14:00

Mitre Lecture Theatre, BOC


 Minutes of the All Students' Meeting 3rd Novmber, 2015 are available here


 Presentation for the meeting here


Notice of 

The All Students' Meeting (SU AGM) 2016/17

meeting to be held on:

Thursday 18th May, 2017 @ 14:00

Mitre Lecture Theatre, BOC


The meeting is the Annual General Meeting of the Students' Union and the business to be transacted shall include:


  • Ratification of minutes of previous AGM;

  • Report of the Trustees on the SU’s activities since the previous AGM;

  • Accounts of the SU for the previous financial year;

  • Appointment of the auditors;

  • Approving the list of affiliations of the SU, such as NUS and BUCS

  • Open questions to the Trustees by the Members.


Motions will be heard and voted on following transacted business.


If you have any questions about any of the key meetings, the governance of the SU and our accountability to you, our members, please contact Mike Riley, Head of Student Engagement at or by phone on 01243 81 6392