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FRESHERS FAIR, CHICHESTER* - Wednesday 27th Sept 2023

The ultimate event in Welcome Week, the Freshers’ Fair is a must if you want to interact with the student market. With approximately 1500-2000 students in attendance, the Freshers’ Fair is the ideal opportunity for you to capture the lucrative student market on campus, face-to-face with your potential customers. This is a crucial time to establish awareness and build lasting relationships at the beginning of a student's University life.

Premium Inside Stand (Large) - £900 (SOLD OUT)

Premium Inside Stand (Small) - £450 (SOLD OUT)

Marquee Large - £700 (only one remaining)

Marquee Small - £375

Outside - £250 (SOLD OUT)

Want to go bigger/do something different - Let's talk


FRESHERS FAIR, BOGNOR* - Thursday 28th Sept 2023

Following the success of last years event our Bognor Campus fair will be back, bigger and better for Sept 2023. We have a new inside space available to us and can not wait to deliver this event.

Outside - £50

Inside - £60 (SOLD OUT)

Bespoke - Let's talk


REFRESHERS FAIR* - Chichester, Feb 2024

The Refreshers Fair is a very different event to the Freshers’ Fairs, it's in our second semester and the event is much smaller. This is another opportunity to reach the student market in an environment which benefits from a high footfall and mixed demographic.

Premium Stand - £200


* All stands include a 6x2ft table, 2 chairs and wifi (quality varies across event area). Premium stands are in a 'premium location' and include access to power. Outdoor stands are 3x3m spots are exposed to the elements, the Union will be unable to offer shelter if the weather turns - we STRONLY recommend bringing a gazebo. 









ARTWORK SIZE: 1170x110px 

www.ucsu.org is the official website of the Students’ Union, it receives in excess of 90,000 pageviews per month. The website is used as a source of information, ticket and memberships sales platform and much more. This is the ideal opportunity for year round maximum impact with the students. If you wish to advertise on a specific page please get in touch. 

Per Month: £80 (discounts available for semester and yearlong bookings)



We use three of the world’s leading social sites Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With over 5000 likes on facebook alone, make sure that you take advantage and advertise your products or service to our growing population.

Post on Facebook - £50

Instagram Story Take Over - £100




Some marketing campaigns demand a physical presence on campus and for these we can offer and organise a variety of face-to-face activities, starting with booking a simple stand on campus. We offer a range of different venues all shapes and sizes, with high foot rates, that are open throughout the day giving you the opportunity to come in with a promotional stand and meet with potential clients face-to-face. 

Half Day - £350

Full Day - £500



Door-drops provide advertisers with a great opportunity to promote to students in the comfort of their ‘new home’.  Our staff can place leaflets inside students’ halls.  Students are certain to see the promotion, and this is reflected in the excellent response rates achieved. 

Chichester Campus - £210

Chichester Off Campus - £210

Bognor Campus - £110



Placed in the busiest locations within the Union and around the University, posters are a simple, but successful way to reinforce your message to the student market! With several posters you can re-enforce the same message at a number of locations.  We control a large number of poster sites around both the University buildings and student halls on both campuses.

We also have space for vinyl banners around the courtyard at Zee Bar; these are available year round only. Please contact Rich Askey directly to check for current available space.

A3 - £5*

A2 - £15*

A1 - £30*

*per month, per poster.  



As well as offering you the chance to meet our students and target them directly with your products, here at UCSU we are also keen to offer you the chance to work with them personally. Helping to spread brand awareness locally and nationally while at the same time supporting teams and events reach further and greater successes. 

There are two main of areas UCSU that are available to sponsor - our Events and Activities. However, if you know of or would like more information of different areas of the Union that you are keen to be involved with please ask. 

It is key for both the Union and local business that Union Events are successful. Ensuring that students satisfaction is at its highest not only results in engagement with the University but also that the students retain their love for the town and everything it has to offer not only during their time of study but long into the future.

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