First Year Students' Officer

In 2016-17 Jack plans to:
Make sure you have the 1st yrs have the best fresher’s year and the 2nd years also have amazing years. (events, parties, themes etc).
Be approachable and responsive to First Year's enquiries and feedback

Make sure that the sports and societies can be the best they can be by getting all the resources etc they need and also the best experience.


First Year students' Officer Role


General Responsibilities

To represent the views and interests of First Year Students on Student Council and to the University
To hold the Union Officer Team and Trustee’s to account on issues of concern to First Year Students
To attend NUS events on behalf of the Union related to First Year Students

Committee Responsibilities

Shall sit on the following Union committees;

Academic Committee
Welfare Committee
Student Council

Shall sit on the following University committees;

Student Forum