In 2017-18 Brunia plans to:

Change how Black and Minority Ethnic students are viewed.

Support students by providing correct and valuable representation for BME students at Chichester.

Host events throughout the year such as debates, talks, screenings and exhibitions as well as holding social events.

Create a stronger presence and a wider network of BME students and alumni.

Host events where diversity is embraced and celebrated, not just the one month out of twelve where black history is celebrated.

Ensure that the issues and concerns of BME students are expressed and appropriately handled within the SU.

Black and Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer;

General Responsibilities

  • To represent the views and interests of Black and Minority Ethnic Students on Student Council and to the University
  • To hold the Union Officer Team and Trustee’s to account on issues of concern to Black and Minority Ethnic Students
  • To attend NUS events on behalf of the Union  related to Black and Minority Ethnic Students

Committee Responsibilities

Shall sit on the following Union committees;

  • Welfare Committee
  • Student Council

Shall sit on the following University committees;

  • Student Forum
  • Inclusivity Committee


*The Black and MInority Ethnic Students' Officer must self-define as black or minority ethnic.