In 2016-17 Musti plans to:

Work alongside the elected roles to ensure that we are heard as the student voice

Work with the University social media team to get ALL students bring new ideas and suggestions to the student council

To work with the wider community of Bognor Regis and Chichester to expand the link between the community and University

To work with the students’ union to improve the relationship between first, second, third years and graduates


Chair of Student Council

General Responsibilities

  • With the assistance of the Clerk prepare the agenda for Student Council meetings and Union General Meetings
  • To impartially chair all meetings of Student Council and Union General Meetings in accordance with the bye-laws and any other regulations adopted by the respective meetings
  • To ensure that all members are able to participate fully in Student Council meetings
  • To ensure that Student Council is informed by the Union Officer Team of Union business, the implementation of policy and that Student Council may question Union Officer members

Committee Responsibilities

Shall sit on the following University committees;

  • Student Forum

Shall sit on the following Union committees;

  • Student Council (chair)
  • Operations Committee