Focus for 2017-18: 


What skills might you need and/or will gain?

Team-working; Self-Confidence; Decision making skills; Problem-solving skills; Time management; Spoken and written communication; Leadership skills; Striving for excellence; Adaptability; Public Speaking; Organisational skills, Initiative; Project Management; Event Management; Partnership Working/Building; Demographic Knowledge/Understanding; Understanding; Supportive

What does the role entail?

General Responsibilities

  • Direct the work of the Societies Federation
  • Promote participation in societies amongst students
  • Support and encourage the creation of new societies
  • Represent the interests of societies on Student Council
  • Propose policy relating to societies clubs to Student Council
  • Oversee the organisation of societies related events

Committee Responsibilities

Shall sit on the following SU committees;

  • Activities Committee (Deputy Chair)
  • Student Council

Shall sit on the following University committees;

  • Student Forum

The Societies Federation President role is a part-time volunteer position which starts on the 14th September 2015. Volunteering accreditation is available for the post-holder.

What’s it like being an SU Officer?

Students’ Union Societies are a diverse and independent lot. They encompass a large range of activities and interests and this diversity makes for an enjoyable and interesting role. From helping with events such as the Societies tour to Amsterdam as well as checking on accessibility and inclusion with student societies, there’s a lot to the role. It’s a challenging position to hold, and includes a lot of networking and checking in with groups, but is ultimately very rewarding.   

How will being the Societies Federation President help me in the future?

The role of Societies Federation President helps build confidence and networking skills as well as experience in leadership and negotiation.
Being Societies Federation President is a great role for anyone interested in Community Development, Event Management or Project Management.
The experience gained as Students’ Union Societies Federation President is often highly valued and recognised by external employers.

 * The Societies Federation President must be a member of the Societies Federation