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In 2017-18 Illy plans to:

  • Create a working group to target homophobia and racism at Chichester university (LGBT)
  • Run student voice led events organised at the zee bar ( Music, non alcohol events, societies control 
  • Organise integration between campuses initiatives 
  • Improve awareness of transport between the two campuses 
  • Work to create a relaxing environment around the campus (safe spaces)
  • Create a way for international students and British student’s to better integrate – culture awareness 
  • Raise awareness of culture appreciation and appropriation 
  • Encourage students to disclosure personal issues such as medical health, mental or physical ( safe personal) 
  • Work with the council to increase street lights on students nights out in heavily populated areas
  • Work to get your accommodation where your course is 
  • Have food which reflects the university activity lifestyle / students course profile 
  • Increase Library access for computers and desk spaces 
  • Increase the diversity of chi uni and further develop the health and being of all our students 


The Role and Responsibilities of the Vice-President (Welfare):


General Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for the co-ordination and development of the Union’s advice and casework services with regards to welfare issues
  • To organise the Union’s welfare and diversity campaigns
  • To represent the students to the University on issues of welfare, personal safety, accommodation, transport   and equality and diversity
  • To support the liberation officers in their roles 
  • To annually review the Union’s Equal Opportunities Policy
  • To ensure the Union’s Equal Opportunities Policy is adhered to in all areas of the Union’s work
  • To attend NUS events related to Welfare and Equal Opportunities
  • In the absence of the President to exercise the powers and responsibilities of the President


Policy Responsibilities


The Vice-President (Welfare) shall have overall responsibility for implementing the policy of the Union relating  to the following areas:

  • Welfare
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Accommodation
  • Transport


Committee Responsibilities


 The Vice-President (Welfare) shall be a member of the following Union Committees;

  • Welfare Committee (Chair)
  • Operations Committee

 The Vice-President shall be a member of the following University Committees;

  • Academic Board
  • Accommodation Project Board
  • Transport Review Group
  • Disciplinary Panels
  • Student Arrivals Group
  • Start of Year Group
  • Inclusivity Committee
  • Student Forum