BME Students' Officer


Nominations open 10:00, Monday 24th September, 2018

Nominations close 12:00, Friday 19th October, 2018

Campaigning & Voting start 12:00, Monday 29th October, 2018

Vote closes and reult announced 17:00, Thursday 1st November, 2018

Role Responsibilities:


Black and Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer;

General Responsibilities

  • Represent the views and interests of Black and Minority Ethnic Students on Student Council and to the University
  • Hold the Union Officer Team and Trustees to account on issues of concern to Black and Minority Ethnic Students
  • Attend NUS events on behalf of the Union  related to Black Ethnic Minority Students

Committee Responsibilities

Shall sit on the following Union committees;

  • Welfare Committee
  • Student Council

Shall sit on the following University committees;

  • Student Forum
  • Equality and Diversity Committee