Here at the University of Chichester Students' Union, there are lots of opportunities to develop your student experience beyond your studies and discover new interests, sports and hobbies.

If you are interested in joining a club with likeminded people or wish to play a sport competitively or recreationally then look no further than SU Activities!

In addition to our clubs’ weekly activities and competitive fixtures, the SU Activities Committee (a student led committee) organise events throughout the year for members. We also have a number of charity events such as ‘wear it pink’ and ‘wear it blue’ nights in support of health and awareness raising charities.

With our SU Clubs being led by students, you have a chance to become personally involved and could find yourself leading from the front as President or Captain of your chosen club.

The SU Activities Federation (a student led committee) governs all SU Clubs, funding and support, as well as approving new student groups.

If you are interested in setting up a new student group, please feel free to get in touch with the SU Activities team for further information ( or click on the starter pack




We have a 3 tiered membership structure for students to join our clubs. Each club page will have a banner to confirm the level of membership to join that club.

  1. STANDARD membership - you can join as many Standard membership clubs as you want. An added bonus is you can join as a social member to Plus and Premium Clubs.
  2. PLUS membership - you can join one Plus membership club. If you wish to join a second Plus club then this will be discounted. Added bonus is that you can join Premium clubs at a social level.
  3. PREMIUM membership - you can join one Premium membership club. If you wish to join a second Premium club then this will be discounted. 

If you wish to join two clubs at either PLUS or PREMIUM level, please contact us for further information.

There will be a BUCS Bolt On membership later in the year (around December), this will be required to play competitive sport. We are unable to put this on sale at present as the competitive sports programme has not been finalised.

Further details of individual club membership level can be found on club pages.