Tickets go on General Sale to all SU Sports Federation Members at 5pm 7th February 2018

Pub Quiz

Date: Sunday 15 May 2022
Time: 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Location: Zee Bar

Pub Quiz is continuing to embrace technology with a bespoke app and an array of exciting new game show-style formats.

Round 1: One in Four Five standard multiple choice quiz questions against the clock.

Round 2: The Answer Board The answers to all nine questions are given to you, but can you find them on the board hidden amongst the red herrings?

Round 3: Bidding War Choose your own reward by bidding from one to five points on a given category. Get it right, that's what you win. But beware, give the wrong answer and that's what you'll lose.

Round 4: Wipeout One question with sixteen answers, but not all of them match. Give as many answers as you like, scoring one point for each correct one. But if you make even a single mistake, you get nothing for the board.

Round 5: High Stakes A game of knowledge and daring. Earn progressively more points the more you answer. If you're not feeling too sure, you can bank what you've made, but get it wrong and you've got to start rebuilding from scratch.

All you'll need to take part is a smartphone/tablet with access to the internet (one device per team). Teams of up to six players are allowed and there'll be a whole range of prizes for the strongest players. You can book your tickets here for just £2 per person.

The Zee Bar Pub Quiz takes place every Sunday. Arrival for 7:30pm, first question at 8:00pm. See you there!