Tickets go on General Sale to all SU Sports Federation Members at 5pm 7th February 2018

World Cup England v USA

Date: Friday 25 November 2022
Time: 6pm - 10pm
Location: Zee Bar

ENGLAND V USA 7pm Kick off, 


This year is the return of the World Cup, but it comes with problems.


The University of Chichester Students’ Union do not support Qatar. Specifically, the views of the country regarding LGBTQ+ rights and lack of basic human rights. We have, after much deliberation, chosen to screen the matches to give students that wish to watch this cup an opportunity to give back to the affected LGBTQ+ communities and acknowledge the mistreatment of migrant workers, by donating 50% of ticket proceeds to the Alwan Foundation and the other 50% to Amnesty International. Tickets will be priced at £2 each.


The Alwan Foundation aims to collect evidence-based data to accurately reflect the circumstance and living conditions of the LGBTQ+ community in different Gulf countries. Whatever the path is to change, visibility is the first step in that path. You can donate to the cause externally by following this link:


Amnesty International is currently running a campaign to get FIFA to take action on the mistreatment of migrant workers. This will involve compensation for unpaid wages, unexplained deaths of migrant workers and forced labour. To read more about these allegations, please visit:


We will be charging for this event because we believe this is an inexplainable injustice and we have chosen to take this as an opportunity to educate our student body on the current climate in Qatar as well as give back to those most affected by the decision to host the World Cup there. We wish to give every student the opportunity to truly reflect and learn through this experience.