Tickets go on General Sale to all SU Sports Federation Members at 5pm 7th February 2018

Party Bingo

Date: Monday 29 April 2024
Time: 7pm - 10pm
Location: Zee Bar


£5.00 (Fully Loaded)
£2.50 (Single Bingo Ticket)
£2.50 (Single Bingo Guest)
£5.00 (Fully Loaded Guest)

Zee Bar & The Hub are cashless Venues.

Bingo has been mixed up, we have 3 rounds of regular number bingo and 1 round of Disney Music Bingo

Still offering great Prizes, as well as Money Prizes.

Arrive from 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Any later and we will start without you!

Tickets = Single Ticket £2.50 (1 number book Plus 1 music round) and £5 for fully me loaded (3 number books Plus 1 music round)
Due to large number of no shows in previous years, entry with pre-booked ticket is only guaranteed til 7.15pm. 

Guest Policy 

Each Student is permitted to sign in up to two guest per night. The Student must have their valid Student card on them, the guest must have valid ID (Passport or Driving Licence) to be allowed to sign in.

If a student signs a guest into either SU venues then they accept responsibility for their actions. If they act in an unacceptable way then the student may be punished by the Students’ Union. This may include:


· Being barred from both SU bars

· Being suspended from Clubs/Societies (Inc Sports teams)

· Having to attend a disciplinary hearing

· Paying appropriate fines


The guest will also no longer be welcome at the Students’ Union.


When the student leaves an event, or has been asked to leave, the guest must leave with them. Guest may not remain in the venue without the Student who signed them in.


Students should make sure they know the people they are signing in.