Spotlight on Societies - Aerial Circus

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Here at the SU we want to spread the word about all of our great societies and the fantastic things they do. 

We're putting them under the spotlight and first up is Aerial Circus!!



Society Name

UCSU Aerial Circus Society

Society's Purpose

To offer a friendly training environment where you can learn unique circus skills at a fraction of the cost.

Society's next event

Sober social. We're aiming to make it easier for our members to make friends.

Usual meeting times and venues

GYM 2, Bishop Otter Campus - Wednesday Evenings

Beginners: 18:00 – 19:30

Intermediate: 19:30 – 18:00


Who can join your Society and what does it involve?

Any student from the university is welcome to join as it's a skill that anyone can learn. It involves a warm up and conditioning session at the start of class which helps with strength and flexibility.  We then have 4 apparatus that we train on, assisted by two excellent aerial coaches.

What would you say to someone who wants to join, but isn't sure?

This is a fun and unique way to get fit without having any pressure on you. We welcome all abilities and put you in the appropriate group so you are with people with a similar ability to yourself.


What has been your Society's proudest moment?

We have previously won Best New Society. We also put on a successful event at the SU in order to raise money for our society making a profit of over £100.

What does your Society have in place this year?

For the first time, we will be introducing another piece of equipment – the trapeze. We are also going to hold socials more regularly so that our members can get to know each other outside of training.


What does being a member of the Society mean to you?

I now have a lot more confidence and have learnt a new skill I never even dreamed of being able to do!

How can people contact you?

Facebook: Aerial Circus Society Members (2017/18)


Instagram: ucsu_aerialsoc



Joining a society at UCSU is the best way to get involved in student life at university and meet new people whilst enjoying your hobbies or passions. If you'd like to find out more about Aerial Circus or any of our other societies then visit our Societies webpage to find out more!



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