Opt Out


Under the terms of the Education Act l994, any student may exercise their right to opt out of membership of the Students' Union (SU).

At the beginning of each Academic year (counted as when the student commences their programme of study) students will automatically be registered as members of the SU. You can, however, opt out of the SU membership at any time by completng the opt out form below and clicking on submit.

A student who exercises their right to opt out should not be unfairly disadvantaged with regard to the provision of services (or otherwise) by reason of having done so. If a student believes that they have been unfairly disadvantaged, they can initiate the complaints procedures, as set out in the Constitution and Bye Laws of the SU. Copies of the Constitution and Bye-Laws regarding the requirements of the Education Act l994 are available for consultation in the SU.

A student who opts out shall have no SU membership status whatsoever. However they shall be able to use the facilities provided by the SU as if they were an associate member, but will not be required to pay any fee.

These facilities shall include:

  • licensed bars, shops and other SU run trading areas;
  • meeting rooms, sports facilities, common rooms and recreation areas, provided on SU premises;
  • societies and sports clubs;
  • welfare related services;
  • the right to purchase an TOTUM Card.

A student who decides to opt out of the SU shall not be able to:

  • be involved in the government or administration of the SU;
  • stand for election to any SU office;
  • vote on any issue decided by the SU or participate in any SU elections;
  • be represented by the SU in any matter;
  • have their interests represented by the SU to the University, other student bodies, other organisations and persons, or members of the general public;

Students requiring further information about opting out may email studentsunion@chi.ac.uk.

Opting out of membership can be enacted at any time throughout the academic year and should be done by completing the form below.  Once the email has been confirmed as received, the SU will agree a time for the student to relinquish their current student identification card for a replacement one without the SU logo. Opting out will be considered complete upon the issue of a new student identification card minus the SU logo.


For reference:

1994 Education Act

22 Requirements to be observed in relation to students’ unions.

(2)The governing body shall in particular take such steps as are reasonably practicable to secure that the following requirements are observed by or in relation to any students’ union for students at the establishment—

(c) a student should have the right—

(i) not to be a member of the union, or

(ii) in the case of a representative body which is not an association, to signify that they do not wish to be represented by it,

and students who exercise that right should not be unfairly disadvantaged, with regard to the provision of services or otherwise, by reason of their having done so;


Please complete the form below to Opt Out of the Students' Union:

This information will be sent to the relevant people across the Students' Union and the University. 







  I have read and understood the above information and the implications of opting out of the Students Union

 I understand that UCSU will follow up my enquiry and that personal details submitted will be used to enable them to do this.

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