Elections are held every year for our key leadership positions to ensure the SU is truly student-led


UCSU Elections 2018

Voted in as Officers for 2018-19 are:

Environmental Officer

Alexandra McIvor: 

Hi, I’m Alexandra, and I’m running for environmental officer. I’m going into the third year of my creative writing degree. Looking after our environment is very important, and having awareness of it at university can make a huge positive impact. Whether the changes are big or small, keeping things in mind such as recycling or walking to class can take us well on our way to a planet that is both cleaner and greener. Working towards a healthier world can be simple; I hope to raise the awareness around this campus so you feel motivated to contribute to cleaning up the earth, one step at a time.


Kaila Bell: 

I am running for Welfare Officer. My name is Kaila and I am studying politics and literature. My main goal as Welfare Officer would be to destigmatise mental health by improving the awareness of what mental health services are available. I hope to normalise the process of asking for help by having information regarding the student services in course handbooks. I intend to be a voice for all students and ensure the opinions of all are heard on the student council. I wish to work closely with other part-time officers in order to understand the individual needs of students and improve welfare for all.


Jade Sullivan