Jessica Land

Disabilities Officer




Hi I'm Billie, I'm the New Disabilities Officer ! but I'm from Scotland and live in North Yorkshire. I have multiple invisible physical disabilities and a passion for arguing, so hopefully I can combine those two things to make Chichester Uni a more accessible place for all disabled students. 

I love what I study, so half my free time is spent reading and watching political content, the other half of my time is spent working the nightshift, consuming fashion content, going out with friends, and watching TV shows with 8+ seasons while crocheting more clothes (you may see me in lectures doing the same).


I use any pronouns, but I tend to lean towards they/them in introductions.


What Course did you study?

I'm currently studying Politics here at Chi

Are you involved with any clubs and societies, or have you worked for the SU in any other roles such as bar/shop staff? 

Last year I was a member of both the pole dance society and the adventure sports society, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed, but now I'm on the committee of the brand-new Politics Society which I set up with my classmates, and unfortunately due to a very busy schedule I've had to give up the sports societies. 


Your role and responsibilities 

  • represents views and interests of disabled students on student council and to the university
  • holds the union officer team and trustee's to account on issues of concern to disabled students
  • attends nus events on behalf of the union related to disabled students 

My manifesto points 

  • Change the bus timetable to make buses more accessible for everyone. 
  • Change the attendance policy for lectures. 
  • Make lectures and lecture notes more accessible for everyone. 
  • Create sensory safe spaces on campus, something not as quiet as the library but not as overwhelming as the cafeteria. 

What are you are looking forward to achieving with your role? 

I have other plans and ideas for accessibility in the works , outside of my manifesto, and I really hope I can improve accessibility for all disabled students primarily, but also help able bodied neurotypical students have an improved education.