This officer represents the views and interests of international students on Student Council and to the University.

International Students' Officer




When I am not working or studying, I’m often experimenting with recipes that blend traditional Nigerian flavours with British ingredients to create a culinary fusion. I also like watching movies, listening to music, playing video games, hanging out with friends, and meeting new people.

What Course are you on? Social Work (MA) 

Your role and responsibilities 

  • Represents the views and interests of international students to the student council and the university
  • Holds the union officer team and trustees to account on issues of concern to international students
  • Attends NUS events related to international students on behalf of the union 

Your manifesto points? (Bullet pointed) 

  • Create channels where students can lodge their challenges.
  • Ensure that the international students’ voice is heard and work towards prompt resolution of issues and difficulties.
  • Promote proper representation of international students on both campuses.
  • Foster a stronger international student community where we can network, support each other, and hold events that will give international students a chance to be more involved in student union activities.
  • Promote cultural diversity through programs that will celebrate the countries of origin of students on their respective national days.
  • Create a buddy system for both new and existing students to ease adaptation and provide support as required.

What are you are looking forward to achieving with your role? I look forward to a more closely-knit international student community across both campuses such that international students feel a sense of belonging and are socially connected to each other.