Rylee Spooner

LGBTQ PLUS Students' Officer

Frankie Walls (she/they)

email: sulgbtqofficer@chi.ac.uk


Hiya, my name is Frankie and I am the LGBTQ+ officer for 2023/24I moved from a little town called Heathfield in East Sussex (near Brighton I always say) to come to Uni in Chichester. I have a passion for fashion, styling and producing content such as making videos, magazines or posters in my spare time and I would love to eventually go into this as a career after travelling for a little while! I have found an amazing community being LGBT which I am so grateful to experience, and as Officer, I hope to provide a similar experience to other individuals.


What Course are you studying? 


I am currently in my 3rd year studying Sociology with Criminology.

Are you involved with any clubs and societies, or have you worked for the SU in any other roles such as bar/shop staff? 

I have worked very closely with the University and Student Union over the past 2 years, as Bar Staff, Shop Staff, and a Student Ambassador. I was also President of the LGBTQ+ society throughout my 2nd year, which I absolutely loved and have learned much from.

Your role and responsibilities 

  • represents the views and interests of LGBTQ+ students on council and to the university
  • holds the union officer team and trustee's to account on issues of concern to LGBTQ+ students
  • attends nus events related to LGBTQ+ students on behalf of the union

My manifesto points

  • Work closely with SU staff to put on more LGBTQ+ events both on the Chichester Campus and on the Bognor Regis Campus. 
  • Provide regular drop-in sessions to support LGBTQ+ students. 
  • Promote and educate individuals on inclusive language. 
  • Release an LGBTQ+ support guide at the start of the semester. 
  • Ensure all things previous LGBTQ+ officers have implemented stay in place. 
  • Help improve the transitioning process here at the university for trans and non-binary students by making sure there is constant support in place.

What are you are looking forward to achieving with your role? 

I am really looking forward to creating some amazing, queer-inclusive events and ensuring that a positive and inclusive environment is carried throughout the University!