Sustainability Officer


Théo Rogier



Hi, I’m Théo, a third-year. My interests are rooted in political history and environmentalism. This is what drew me to the position of Sustainability Officer, ultimately helping shape the conversation around sustainability, environmentalism, the climate crisis and how students can act. Historically, I’ve always taken an interest in politics, but it was the 2019 general election that was a pivotal point in how I’ve come this far in what I’m studying and my involvement in student activism. I think having a dual nationality and disability background also help shape my world view and the important aspects of community that are needed in the student body.

What Course are you studying?

history and politics student

Are you involved with any clubs and societies, or have you worked for the SU in any other roles such as bar/shop staff? 

Currently, I am the President of the Environmental Society whilst also being the Welfare Officer for the History Society. Therefore, I have experience within the Student’s Union, and I think this helps bridge the gap between the environmental concerns and thinking of students directly into the role of Sustainability Officer.

Your role and responsibilities 

  • Responsible for actively campaigning at a local and national level on environmental and sustainability issues 
  • Works with the union officer team and members of staff to ensure that the union is constantly aware of its environmental and ethical responsibilities 
  • Attends and represents the union at meetings within the university and the wider community to discuss environmental issues 
  • Consistently develops and promotes the union’s ethical and environmental policy 

My manifesto points

  • Encouraging the start of a second-hand exchange of student essentials.
  • A continuation and creation of SU partnerships within local community, local groups and local business that champion sustainability and environmentalism.
  • Helping deliver successful sustainability themed events like Green Week and Earth Month to give a continued presence to the need for greater environmental focus within the Student’s Union and University.
  • Continuing in finding ways to increase recycling and recycling education within the student population.

What are you are looking forward to achieving with your role? 

I look forward to seeing how I can help push forward conversation and action towards making sure that our Student’s Union, University and Campuses to the forefront of environmental and sustainability action.