A few resources on mixed/multiracial individuals' experience.

Mixed Race Resources

On this page you will find some educational links to furthering your knowledge on biracial or multiracial/mixed race individuals. If there are more articles that would be useful to others, please email us.


Biracial Britain: Why mixed race people must be able to decide their own identity

An article that explores society is quick to assign mixed race individuals to a singular race category but not identify that they are collective mix of different races

Link to Article : https://theconversation.com/biracial-britain-why-mixed-race-people-must-be-able-to-decide-their-own-identity-154771


Growing up mixed race in Britain

An article exploring 3 mixed-race women about how their identities moulded them and how they are perceived in the world

Link to Article: https://www.readersdigest.co.uk/inspire/life/growing-up-mixed-race-in-britain


Why don't we just accept there is no singular mixed-race experience?

An article exploring the stereotypical view of a mixed raced individual and how that erases the experience of thousands

Link to Article: https://www.bigissuenorth.com/comment/2021/06/why-dont-we-just-accept-there-is-no-singular-mixed-race-experience/