Your Union

The University of Chichester Students Union (UCSU) is an organisation run by elected students for the students and we work for only one purpose, that’s you!, students at the University of Chichester. The truth is without you, we wouldn’t exist, nor would the University itself. Your Students’ Union provides you with support, training and development, clubs and societies and commercial services. As we are here to support and represent your rights as students, we rely on you, as the students, to let us know how we can best do that. As a student at the University you are automatically a member of UCSU* and we are here to represent you.

Within UCSU we also have a Student Senate and SU Officers who represent you guys on a local, national and international level, as well as within your everyday life on campus. We also aim and encourage others to join our array of different clubs and societies (or set up your own if you so wish).

The President’s main responsibility is Academic Affairs. The President sits on the top academic meetings of the University with senior staff and lecturers who are responsible for monitoring the quality of your course and assist in making changes that benefit students.

The President oversees the course rep system and represents students in academic appeals. The President works closely with local council’s and charitable organisations to ensure students get the most from their community. They also sit on the University Board of Governors which makes the big strategic and financial decisions.

If you have any other questions or issues then feel free to email, ring up or pop into our offices on both campuses, either above the Zee Bar in Chichester or next to The Hub in Bognor.

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* You can opt-out of membership