About Us

The University of Chichester Students’ Union is run by students for students and is here to make sure you have a good student experience.

People often think students’ unions are just about bars and cheap pints, but we are so much more.

The SU’s core functions are to provide you with representation, campaigns and support so that you have a good time studying at the University of Chichester. If there is something that you are not happy about and want to change then why not come and talk to us and we will try to help you make a difference. The officers and the staff of the Students’ Union are constantly in discussions with and putting pressure on the University so that changes happen.

Our Values




 Our Mission

 To help ALL students have the BEST time they can whilst at the University of Chichester

 Our Vision

 To build, with the University, the best student community in the UK



 The University of Chichester Students’ Union is ‘YOUR UNION’

 The SU is run by students for students and as a member of the Students’ Union you have  the right to say what it  should be doing and who should be running it.


 Every year the Union elects a new team of Officers who are chosen by you. These students are responsible for  running the Union for a year.

If you are not happy with what they are doing, tell them.

If you want them  to be making a difference that will help you then ask them to help.

The Officers work  for the members of the Students’ Union (who are all the registered students at the University of  Chichester).


Students have the ability to call a referendum, which is question on policy asked to the whole student body. For more information on referendum click here.

ALL STUDENT MEETING (The Annual General Meeting)

The Union hosts an annual ALL STUDENT MEETING (its AGM) every year which provides you with the opportunity to have your say on what the Union has been doing over the previous year and its plans for the next one.

This year's meeting was held on the 3rd November, 2015 and was quorate. More details of the All Students' Meeting, the Agenda and draft Minutes are on the Accountability page, to view, click here.

For more information on how you can have your say on what the Union is up to contact the President on supresident@chi.ac.uk.