Every year group in every course has a Student Rep.

A Student Rep acts as a liaison between students and lecturers, voicing the opinions of their fellow students with academic staff to further improve the university experience for the better.


Responsibilities of a Student Rep

Student Reps are encouraged to meet regularly with lecturers, often over a coffee, to discuss any issues that may have arisen during the semester. They also attend programme board meetings with all lecturers from their degree programme for a more formal meeting in which these issues can be discussed in more detail and a plan of action can be made. Student Reps will also be encouraged to share positive feedback in these meetings to ensure that well delivered modules are recognised by the student body.

The Students Union will also hold Student Rep Forums Chaired by elected Student Academic Representives which provide opportunities for student voices from different courses to share any problems they may be having, highlight good practice and to support each other in dealing with these issues.


Benefits of being a Student Rep

Being a Student Rep is a great opportunity to improve your relationships with both staff and students, it gives you the chance to make a difference and improve the student experience and your efforts will also be acknowledged on your HEAR 6.1.

The Students’ Union will deliver a training programme and provide support to you during the Academic Year to ensure that you are able to get the most of your experience.


How do I become a Student Rep?

Elections will be held at the start of term in your lectures, make sure you keep an eye out for more information and register your interest with your lecturers!