You can be involved either as part of the generic Chichester Uni – let’s row team, or you can establish your own sub-team.

How to get involved

You can be involved either as part of the generic Chichester Uni – let’s row team, or you can establish your own sub-team. Whichever you choose, please log your distances and funds raised against our institution total so we can measure our progress towards the £3K total.


How and where to row:

All students and staff are welcome/encouraged to use the 2 rowers that are available at the Tudor Hale Centre on Chichester Campus during their opening times.

In addition, the SU will be going mobile with a couple of rowing machines over the next few months and hosting a number of pop up events on both campuses – dates to follow shortly.

You can of course row at another gym off site.


Do I need to be sporty to row?

No; all we ask is that you wear some form of appropriate clothing/footwear and that you consider yourself physically fit to row. If you require any support in terms of adaptive rowing equipment, then please contact Paul Wallis at the Tudor Hale Centre.


How do I log the distances I row?

Each time you row, you can either log your distance with the staff manging the rowing machine (and they will submit the data for you), or you can submit it directly to the ucsu website so it can be included within the overall distance totals. If you are rowing as part of a sub team this can also be recorded. It is best to log distance each time you row.


How do I register a sub team?

Decide on your team name, pop us an email to and we will set up the team so any of your team members can log their distances rowed. Remember if you register a sub team, that team does not have to row the total 2020 miles – although we know some of you will want to try!


How will this raise money for Sport Relief?

You can do this by:

  • Making a small donation to row – for ease there will be labelled charity pots to receive donations; these will then be counted towards the overall funds raised. If every student donated £1 and every staff member £5 we would absolutely smash the £3K target.


  • Asking people to sponsor you/the Chi Uni team through the just giving page (link)
  • Asking people to sponsor you/your sub team through the relevant just giving page.


How will this raise money for the mental health charities?

It is intended that pledges will be made by local businesses and philanthropists towards the consortium of mental health charities. Our Vice Chancellors Group is committed to this cause and will be seeking to secure pledges equivalent to amount of funds raised for Sport Relief.