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Committee Corner

You should be able to find all the support you need in the committee corner!

Below you can access a directory of all our forms and resources but get in touch with our SU Activities Team if you can't find what you are looking for.


Club Activities

If your student-led group wishes to run a one off activity outside of your ‘normal’ activity, you will need to register the activity with the Activities Committee. As part of the process, you will need to complete and return the activity registration form and ensure that an adequate Risk Assessment is in place. Check with the SU Activities Team as we may already have a Risk Assessment for your chosen activity.

As a committee, you have a duty of care to your members and you must ensure all activities are carried out in a safe environment. By registering your activity with the Activities Federation you will be covered by the Insurance.

Check our the Club Activity Factsheet in the forms and resources directory for further information on how to register your activity and access support. 

*Failure to register the activity may result in disciplinary*



All health and safety documentation can be found on the UCSU Activities sharepoint. All clubs should be aware and have read their Risk Assessment relating to their activities along with our:


In the event of an accident / incident during an SU Activities affiliated activity, please inform us at the earliest opportunity and when it is safe to do so on the contact details below or on the office landline on:

UCSU General Manager - 01243 816398  
UCSU Activities and Student Experience Coordinator  -  01243 816339           
UCSU Sports and Activities Coordinator - 01243 81 6324   


If you cannot get through to a member of SU staff please contact the university caretakers on 01243 816363


For any minor injuries or incidents you must complete a SU Activities Accident Report Form as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the SU Activities team