The Union is accountable to the members of the Students’ Union. Our members are you, the students at the University of Chichester and affiliated colleges.


As your Students’ Union (SU) all our actions and decisions must be clear, reasonable and responsible. We make sure that you, the students at the University of Chichester* who are our members, know what we are doing and why every step of the way. We ensure students are able to participate in and make all key decisions for the SU and that we do our utmost to carry out the wishes of our student body.

We ensure that we are accountable to you, the membership, through our Governance structure. The Governance Structure, is as it sounds, the way that we are governed or run and lead with a series of committees and meetings that feed into each other to create a clear hierarchy of decision making: with students at the top and our All Student Meetings (also known as our Annual General Meetings - AGM) and All Student Questions (a.k.a. Referenda) through to sub-committees. 

The All Students' Meeting, Student Council and all the constitutional committees of the SU (the Academic, Activities, Operations and Welfare Committees) are where our students as members can check and challenge all the decisions and actions that the SU takes.

The All Student Meeting (or AGM) is the most senior and binding decision making body in the SU, as it is where most students have their say together in one place at one time. We have a minimum quorum of 100 for these meetings but aim to get more students present to make the decisions made more meaningful and representative of the student body.

If you have any questions about any of the key meetings, the governance of the SU and our accountability to you, our members, please contact

* And affiliated colleges, some with full and some with associate membership rights.