A referendum is a vote by the whole of an electorate on a specific question or questions put to it by the Students’ Union


A single issue question asked to all members, in a straight forward, easy to understand format which must be answerable either yes or no.

The highest single issue decision making authority in the SU.

A referendum is a vote of the ordinary members of the Union to either set policy, to amend the University of Chichester Students’ Union Constitution or Bye-Laws, or to overturn a previous decision of the Students’ Union. It takes precedence over resolutions made at Student Council or a General Meeting.

For it to be valid, it must have over 400 members vote.


How to call a referendum:

· A secure petition of 150 members

· A majority vote of Student Council

· A resolution of the Trustees


A vote of referendum by a simple majority may:

Pass Policy - Overrule a decision of a General Meeting or the Student Council; or Affiliate or disaffiliate the Union to or from any external organisation.


A vote of referendum by a 66% majority may:

Pass a motion of no confidence in any SU Officer or Trustee; or Amend or revoke the Bye-Laws and (subject to the approval of the University Board of Governors) amend the Constitution.


For more details see Bye-Law B – Referenda