Darcey Jessup represents the academic views and interests of all students to Student Council and to the University

Academic Officer BOC


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I am a current second year student on the Musical Theatre and Cabaret Performance course and because of this I have a keen interest in engaging and involving people in order to make a difference. I am a student rep for my course and a student ambassador at the university and see this as a vital way to communicate between, students, lecturers and prospective students. I have seen many positive changes being implemented as a result of the programme board but I believe it still has room to grow. I aim to continue to help this grow and encourage all to make full use of the amazing facilities the University and the Students’ Union has to offer. Chichester is already great but I want to help make it greater!


General Responsibilities

  • Represent the students regarding academic provision, facilities and services on the Chichester Campus
  • Propose academic policy to Student Council
  • Represent the views of Chichester Campus students to Student Council
  • Assist the Vice-President with the Student Voice Programme

Shall sit on the following Union Committees

  • Student Council
  • Academic Committee 
  • Student Voice Council

Shall sit on the following University Committees

  • Learning and Teaching Enhancement Group
  • Teaching and Learning Accommodation Group
  • Learning and Teaching Committee
  • Academic Standards Committee
  • Student Forum