You will meet a full range of current students and staff when you arrive on campus. These are a few of the key people to look out for.

Meet the Team

Who's Who during Freshers Week



As well as your President and Vice President being about to help, there are also 16 part-time officers who are all students who will be about for all of Freshers week and there to answer any questions about the Students’ Union. They’ll also be able to give you all the information about how by-elections which will be taking place in October where we will be looking for a Postgraduate Officer and a First Year Open Portfolio Officer.


Welcome Reps:

Welcome Representatives are all who current students who are assigned to a set of halls to try and get to know everyone living there and make sure you all settle into university life. They will be able to answer any questions you have about coming to university and how to make the most out of your time here. You will first meet them on your move in day and they’ll be around a lot during fresher’s week to guide you to all of our amazing Fresher’s Week events. They will then keep on popping round for the first 8 weeks of semester to tell you about upcoming events and answer any questions you may have.


Residential Advisors:

RA’s are current students who live in halls. Not every set of halls has an RA but you will find that most blocks have one assigned so even if they’re not in your block, they’ll be in one nearby. The RA’s will have all had training on a variety of topics including first aid and counselling, so they will be your first port of call if there’s something wrong or if you’re worried about someone else in your halls. They all understand the worries that can come with being new to university and will be about to keep your mind at ease.


Fresher’s Crew:

Freshers Crew are all volunteers who will be about on the day you arrive to help you find the way to your new room and even carry stuff into your new room for you. You’ll be able to spot them in their blue t shirts on move-in weekend and they’ll also be at the bar the day you move in, so you have more time to ask any questions you have to current students.