Moyin and Jamel - SU President and Vice President

Meet the Team

Who's Who during Freshers Week



The Officers of the SU, only exist to provide for our members, so your feedback is really important to us. There are two different types of offices, Sabbaticals (full time) and Student Officers (part time), for more details of what each officer does and is doing this academic year click on their name or picture. 

All officers will be about during  Welcome Week and there to answer any questions about the Students’ Union. They’ll also be able to give you all the information about how by-elections which will be taking place in October where we will be looking for a Academic Officer (Postgraduate) and a Open Portfolio Officer.


Welcome Reps:

We've been running our Welcome Rep scheme for 10 years now - this year will be no different in that the scheme will be running, but we have adapted it slightly to take into consideration changes required due to the current pandemic and associated best practice and legislation. The safety of our students is paramount; we are also really keen to ensure everyone has an opportunity to be involved and feel part of our amazing community. Our Welcome Reps (who are all current students) are here to help new students settle in to University life and become part of our University Community. 

The main aim of the scheme aim is to give all new students someone to talk to informally so that no student is left feeling excluded or isolated. Students talking to fellow students is great and really helps the settling in process.

Welcome Reps are each assigned to one of our main sites (Chichester  Campus, Bognor Campus, Stockbridge or Fishbourne Halls). Welcome Reps will be on hand to welcome new students moving into University accommodation during the arrivals period (9th to 13th September), throughout welcome week and through until 9th October.

Welcome reps help new students to settle in at university by assisting them in getting to know each other through ice-breaking games and socials, as well as providing tips about living in halls/private accommodation, answering any queries on University life and directing students to relevant support teams as required. As current students our welcome reps are a great source of information.